Lavazza Basement Café


Basement Café by Lavazza, was a created by the world famous Turin based Coffee group, which sees the entertainment industry and Italian artists interviewd in the Basement Café. The Germi Session are hosted in the venue founded by Manuel Agnelli, where music, written word, and creative professionals from different fields meet to collaborate, interpret and share their creative expressions.


Basement Café by Lavazza – Germi Sessions are musical moments and conversations crossing cultural musics trends and topics.

The first session sees the landlord & esteemed host Manuel Agnelli sit down with Bergamo band Verdena to chat about recent tours and band anecdotes.

Episode 2 features protagonists Francesco Motta and Emma Nolde investigate generational challenges, artistic ethics, society, and the legacy of lockdown.

Episode 3 features Brunori and Joan Thiele who talk about music, social media, and the impact of Covid on language, the arts  and the link to self-awareness.

Episode 1: Manuel Agnelli & Verdena
Verdena for Lavazza Basement Cafe.
Episode 2: Francesco Motta & Emma Nolde
Francesco Motta & Emma Nolde for Lavazza Basement Cafe.
Episode 3: Brunori & Joan Thiele
Brunori & Joan Thiele for Lavazza Basement Cafe.
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