Hard Rock Cafe Milan


In Summer 2022 Hard Rock Cafe are launching in Milan, and with it comes a new epicentre for live music, fashion, food, art & culture.

The latest Hard Rock instalment is opening its doors on the iconic Via Dante, and it will host not one, but two music stages seeking to create a space for a much-neglected live music scene.

As well as creating over 100 new jobs, the combined restaurant, store & music venue will provide a platform for emerging creators to play & new talent to be discovered & stories to be told.

EPIK have come on board to consultant on Influencer storytelling, brand partnership strategy as well as being hands on with production for communicating the exciting news and always-on social.

Hard Rock will have many significant moments to illustrate too – with music, art, design & fashion set firmly in their sights.

Their soft launch is set for Summer moving toward a grand opening in later, 2022. Across all seasons, central Milan will now benefit from a cultural space for both locals & tourists alike.

In the now live pre-launch phase EPIK have engaged social storytelling using local Milanese creators & influencers to give perspective of iconic Milano.

EPIK are also facilitating partner conversations with some key fashion clients with some very interesting collaborations which are in their early stages.

Watch this space… its gonna get loud.


Client: Hard Rock Cafe

Category: Strategy, Influencers, Social Media

Channels: Instagram

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