IGT: Art Is Open


Epik’s four-episode mini-series tells the story of IGT’s commitment to promoting, safeguarding and enhancing the Italian artistic heritage. Four comedic talents individually encounter icons works of art to tell them through the language of entertainment. All this in the evocative setting of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, exceptionally open also at night for the occasion.

Raul Cremona challenges Piet Mondrian in a duel between illusionists while Ippolita Baldini reflects on the three ages of women in front of the homonymous work by Gustav Klimt. At the same time, Alessandro Betti fights with embarrassment in front of one of Amedeo Modigliani’s nudes, while Marta Zoboli performs a futurist performance around a sculpture by Umberto Boccioni.

The Art is Open format revolves around the theme of accessibility to art with each expression interpreting the art works via nuanced comic performance. These performances echo social themes with which IGT has always been committed: inclusion and diversity, young people and future, technology and innovation as well as the dissemination of culture itself.

Art is Open is not just a format, it is the first project of a broader storytelling platform that will engage and entertain for a long time, inside and outside the world of art.


4 episodes and 1 trailer for a total of 13 minutes of entertainment and artistic dissemination. The episodes have been on air since June on IGT’s social networks and through editorial partnerships.

Directed by
Tobia Passigato

Short film



Client: IGT

Concept by EPIK

Creative Partner – Nicola Lampugnani

Business Leader and Partner – Giorgia Crepaldi

Creatives – Luca Pedrani e Gigi Pasquinelli

Project Manager – Elisabetta Tiamkaris

Prodotto da Indiana Productions

Executive Producer – Karim Bartoletti

Talent – Raul Cremona, Ippolita Baldini, Alessandro Betti e Marta Zoboli

Authors – Carlo Negri e Marta Dalla Via

Art Is Open: Trailer
Art is Open was born from the idea that Art is not only for the few. This format opens art to the general public through the language of entertainment and presented by a selection of top comics, poets, actors & even magicians.
Raul Cremona meets a Composition by Mondrian
What happens when an illusionist-artist challenges an artist-illusionist? Let's find out together with the first episode of Art is Open, where Raul Cremona meets Piet Mondrian.
Ippolita Baldini Meets Le Tre Età Della Donna by Klimpt
In every age something precious is hidden: this is demonstrated by Ippolita Baldini and Gustav Klimt in the second episode of Art is Open. Because time passes for everyone but what really matters remains...
Alessandro Betti Meets Nudi Sdraiato by Modigliani
Works of art have no problem exposing themselves without a veil - they don't seem to feel the cold - but should they really only allowed to those who really want to know them? Alessandro Betti presses in to ask Amedeo Modigliani in the third episode of Art is Open.
Marta Zoboli Meets Antigrazioso By Boccioni
Futurism ran so far ahead that after more than a century it still speaks of diversity in the language of comedy. In the fourth and last episode of Art is Open Marta Zoboli and Umberto Boccioni leave us stunned, like a face carved in plaster.
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