Lavazza: The Blended Orchestra


EPIK has translated the sustainable projects of the Lavazza Group and Blend for Better, the communication platform that globally embodies the company’s commitment to generate shared value for society, people and the environment, into audio sounds and imagery.

To transform the group’s initiatives into entertainment, an orchestra was created which, starting from the natural elements and tools used by some of the communities involved in the initiatives of the Lavazza Foundation, created what can be defined as the soundtrack of the sustainability projects that Lavazza supports and finances, both independently and through public and private collaborations, in 19 countries and 3 continents.

The protagonist of The Blended Orchestra project, created with the artistic direction of Vittorio Cosma and directed by Tobia Passigato is Simone Benussi, aka Mace.

The beatmaker and record producer accompanied the musicians by mixing impossible instruments made with strings, water, vegetables and natural fibers, in a song not only to listen to but available online on the major platforms and on the Lavazza website starting from January 2022.

In May, on the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, The Blended Orchestra project inspired Mace’s live dj set performance at the EuroVillage seen by an audience of over 13,000 people. The artist performed on a stage made up of natural and sustainable elements alongside some instruments of the Blended Orchestra.


Client: Lavazza

Genre: Branded Content

Category: Food & Beverage


Directed by: Tobia Passigato

Mace, Maurizio Capone, Ricky Verano, Giancarlo Parisi, Moonari

The Blend Orchestra, Episode 2
Following the success of the online content, The Blended Orchestra took to the stage as part of the celebration for 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

The project "The Blended Orchestra" conceived by EPIK to tell the commitment and sustainability of the Lavazza Group through music, inspires a new activation of the brand on the stage of the Eurovision song contest 2022 in Turin from 10 to 14 May. The beatmaker and record producer Simone Benussi, aka Mace, took to the stage with a DJ set specially created for the event of which Lavazza is National Partner.

The first orchestra conceived by EPIK recreated the soundtrack of sustainability.

"Thinking that a branded content project can inspire new activations and physically come to life so that people can experience it and listen to it is very consistent with our concept of entertainment", explains Domenico Grandi, Epik partner and team leader of the project " The Blended Orchestra ".
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