Save The Children: Ukraine


Creators, advertisers & brands can feel hopeless in humanitarian situations such as a the war in the Ukraine, but what we have in our hands is the ability to communicate, to raise awareness, & to inspire network to contribute. In support of Save the Children Italia we briefed our network of over 20,000 creators to share the donation link along with pictures of flowers.

The idea – to fill the social feeds with flowers while raising funds for this important charity on the ground in the Ukraine.


Over 40 influencers leant their voice & social feeds sparking the campaign which reached over 2 million organic views and 140.000 engagements and in turn encouraged many others to join the movement & donate.




Client: Save The Children Italia

Category: Not for Profit, Influencers & Social Media

Website: #StopTheWarOnChildren #ColtiviamoLaPace

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